Friday, 27 March 2009

Lisboa Patisserie

Popped in for a quick bite of ham something or the other and a bacalhau croquette. Had to stick to the poor tasting coffee, as the tea was worse. Otherwise an enjoyable light lunch that was followed by a catalogue of the following that also acted as a catalyst for third degree dental surgery.

All of the above sweet stuff came to £5.70, compared to the £170.00 that's needed to fix my second molar, it was immorally satisfying. Dentists- what with the mass withdrawal from the NHS, the inclination to ban them from walking into my shop is so tempting.*

*It's the kids I sympathise with.


Black Coffee- pretty poor actually, I think I'll stick to tea next time.

Prawn Empanada- at least I thought it was

Don't bother, acquired taste- bloody horrible actually.

Dig in with not a care in the world

Any dental surgeons out there who won't charge the earth for sweet tooths like me?

Ahackinhackney, this post is for you.

It’s not that I, or you for that matter, haven’t heard of Lisboa Patisserie. LP has always been one of those places that lingers in the back of the mind as some place that warrants a visit, but somehow it always ends up being a victim of the postponement phenomenon. One of the main reasons that delayed my visit here was its rather inaccessible (no Tube!) location of Golborne Road, or maybe that’s just a poor excuse. The best way to get to LP is by bus 23 from Oxford Street westbound and disembark at Golborne Road some six hours later (sorry I meant ½ hour). (Important note to those opting to travel by bus, avoid the school runs in the afternoon, you don’t want to altercate with the YoungOdiousBuffoonS!) Alternatively there’s always the epic detour of a walk via Portobello Road.

Just as Tottenham Court Road has the Centre Point Tower, Golborne Road hosts the iconic Trellick Tower designed by the wonderfully named Ernő Goldfinger.

Culture vultures, you now have an excuse to venture here with a cause!

I would be lying to suggest that Golborne Road is a perfect example of Middle England, no it’s a lot less restrained than let’s say a high street in Rutland; it’s quite simply a UNU (United Nations Utopia). On my second visit to LP today, Golborne Road seemed like an enclave for the Moroccan community, the proliferation of the peeps was due to the aftermath of Friday prayers. The people, atmosphere, colour and food stalls were collectively an amazing sight; worth a trip alone with the camera IMO.

As the name of LP adumbrates, it’s neither Moroccan nor French (the latter was insisted upon by Sergio, my local road sweeper of a pal who hails from Porto- he asserted, rather fanatically I may add, that it should be renamed Lisboa Pastelaria!). There’s absolutely nothing glamorous with LP, it’s simply a bakery with a few utilitarian tables and chairs thrown in. In fact the ambience of the place wouldn’t look out of place in Orwell’s 1984.

To all fans of fluorescent lighting, your prayers are answered bountifully. The place was as per usual packed, I couldn’t help but notice that the more mature men who occupy the tables are probably experts in making a cup of latte last for hours on end! Again like all places in London, English is either a second or non-existent language; but at least the Portuguese girls working behind the counter try their best with your questions! BTW, there’s always a queue here so try not to hold things up with your indecisions!

Now then, don’t even avoid the whole issue of Pastéis de Nata when coming here for the first time. If you've enjoyed Natas elsewhere in the capital, then you’ll love these more as they’re baked in-house and by golly they’re massively droolworthy! (word courtesy of S-L, ty).

£3.00 for the lot- dirt cheap
As mentioned earlier this place was encouraged upon further by Ahackinhackney, on hearing of my penchant for coffee, she recommended that I ordered the Portuguese favourite of Galao. Galao is basically latte by any other name, espresso shot milked down 3:1- it was easy drinking but the blend of beans used was in no way esoteric. Grade C+ or B-.
Bolo de laranja e coco- this orange and coconut cake thing was immensely scrumptious. You see the problem here is that the size of these cakes is smallish enough for one to nibble loads without knowing when to stop! Bless the waistline I would say.

My second visit I had this lot-

Almond Twist or something- perfect elevenses snack
Queijadas- I believe. Similar to the natas with blatant vanilla notes and the usual flakey base

Coconut macaroon jobbie- this was my favourite today, moist and gorgeous.

£4.10 all in- dirt, dirt cheap
I stuck to black coffee this time as I felt the galao was too ladylike. Coffee was again a touch above average.

Lisboa Patisserie is an absolute marvel and I think it quite rightly belongs to that category of 'one of London’s worst kept secrets'! Ahackinhackney, I hope to meet you here one day, thank you. A no-brainer recommendation.

The partial moral of this posting is there is no 'd' in Golborne!

57 Golborne Road
London, W10 5NR


thora said...

Deliciously looking goodies, very droolworthy.

ahackinhackney said...

Hi Bellaphon,

Glad you made it over there... it used to be my local, so visited it more or less everyday... there's nowhere like it in Hackney unfortunately... and yes let's plan a return visit.


bellaphon said...

Thora ;p

AHIH- if you get the chance try out Tina We Salute You, at least they bake their own cakes. Prompt me when you're heading towards W10 next.

ahackinhackney said...

Will do AHIH

kerstin said...

I love cafe lisboa. I go every Friday morning when I peruse the market for tables, chairs, teapots, fruit and veg.
What day did you go?

bellaphon said...

Fridays pm. You don't need more furniture, surely.

Ben said...

I walked down this street for the first time last week on my way to work during the strike.

The whole place intrigued me and being just down the road from me, I'm tempted to pop into this place sometime soon....or maybe take some cakes into work?

bellaphon said...

Ben- It's not just Lisboa that is intriguing, the whole neighbourhood is! Go on Fridays after prayer times (2-ish) the whole street becomes Little Morocco! I'm proud to be a Londoner!

Ben said...

Sadly I'll be at work, but me and some friends are walking back through the area afterwards, so hopefully there'll be some people around!

Must say I'm not the biggest fan of Morrocan food. I got really sick of tagine whilst there. I did have a great bastilla though.

Thanks for the heads up.

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