Sunday 8 March 2009

Gwilym Davies- Barista Eccezionali.

This is sadly my last cup of coffee from this hallowed coffee stall*

I deliberately held back on a cup of homemade filter brew this morning, I made a pilgrimage to Columbia Road instead. (An hour's bus journey from W1)

Gotta be the two shots flattie I'm going for

The source of it all- paradisiacally Square Mile

Flat cap genius at work

Flat Capped Flat White- £1.80
'A' star cup, the best there is!

* This nonk is responsible for my second and last cup here.
***Comments withdrawn***

I’m angry, and at my age (what with strokes and weak hearts) I can’t come here and be inflamed by this bloody idiot. But you guys go ahead and enjoy one of the best coffees, if not the best, in London! Now where’s Taste of Bitter Love


Of all the coffee pilgrimages currently in London, this is simply the ultimate. Glad to say I’ve gone and done my bit. This coffee stall that's situated in a yard off Columbia Road has now been bestowed legendary status.

This is due to its owner/barista Gwilym Davies (the flat cap and tweeds are his trademarked attire) being crowned the UK Barista Champion of 2009 only a few days ago.

So what was supposedly one of London’s best kept secret is now one of its worst, especially judging by the long snaking queue this afternoon.

The man’s resplendent Oscar.

Making my Flat White.

Et Voilà! No myth here, a FW of goose pimples proportions. £1.80 for a serving of caffeine nectar that’s fit for the Gods is a no brainer. Grade A*.

Good luck with the World Finals in Atlanta in April.

PS I’m not entirely sure as to what the opening hours of this stall are, I can only hazard it coincides with the Columbia Road flower market and shops that are open on Sundays from 8am ’til 3'ish. Map of Gwilym’s place can be found here.


Jason Scheltus said...

I find myself annoyed at people who don't ask before taking pictures of me when I'm making coffee.

At Borough market some tourists will point with their flash literally tens of centimetres away from your face, and this can happen a few times a day. I don't like it, and what I don't like about it is that it makes me feel objectified. Would these people walk up to a random person on the street and start flashing away in their face without asking? Why should working somewhere interesting subject you to less rights? And why should you, the photographer, be allowed to decide?

You've said some pretty nasty things in your review about a person you don't know, and probably have said a little less than ten words to. This is a decent, intelligent person you're slandering here. Not only that, but it sounds like he didn't want his photo uploaded to the internet, so why did you?

Perhaps controlling your temper would ensure a more measured response.

Warm regards,


bellaphon said...


Thanks for your response, first I don't use flash photograpghy, well at least not in broad daylight. The snaps I took (with my mobile phone so to speak) were of the stall and hopefully my resulting cuppa. I was accosted by the fella because of this and taking pictures of any individuals didn't even come into it.

I never throw a tantrum in public, I express my thoughts (without prejudice) on blogs like this!

Jason Scheltus said...


Calling someone a fucking moron for asking you to stop taking pictures sounds like a tantrum.

Considering that courtyard is private property, he had every right to ask you to stop taking photos and you should have.

I appreciate your blog (I read it a lot), and the need for independent reviews as well as understanding the value in them. I'm just saying that if someone asks you not to take photos of them, then usually it's a good idea if you just don't take photos. And if it's private property (as in this case), then they have every right to ask you to leave if you continue to take photos.

The idea of this chap accosting anyone is humorous to me, to say the least.

I hope you consider reworking your article once you gain perspective of the situation.

Sincerely, Jason

bellaphon said...


Done and forever dusted.