Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Fernandez & Wells (Food & Wine)


Together with J+A and Lantana, the bestest sandwiches in London are also found here. Gawd knows why? It's only a bit of cheese and meat between two pieces of bread but by heck they are incredibly good!

Wavey's Bocadillo salami and cheese sarnie

My Mozzarella flute

We asked for Jamon Iberico but were given this instead. The stressed out girl (she was actually very accomodating and nice; and her carving technique was flawless) mistakenly said it was Serrano. It was actually Jambon 'Le Noir de Bigorre', it was pretty much inedible; chewy and sinewy- poor. We left nearly all of it on the plate. She did inform us that meat closer to the bone tends to end up like that, well I think it shouldn't be offered to the customer for c.£15.00. My daughter, Wavey, dislikes me kicking up a fuss, so I didn't. We took the rest of the meat away in a doggy bag and suggested that Wavey concorts a pasta dish out of it. I would love to have a refund but too late. The girl who made the error did restore things a bit by carving a few slivers of Jamon to include in the doggy bag. For the best hand carved Jamon you'll need to go to Iberica, Dehesa or Barrafina. Lesson learnt, I'll stick to sandwiches and pastries when I come here next.

The pain from the bill still throbs for what was essentially a quick snack.

Sandwich Artisans

Some posts are an absolute doddle. Writing about (or perhaps not so) Fernandez & Wells (Food & Wine) on Lexington Street is one such example.

I shall but only upload the photos of my lunch today and keep the written comments to the minimum because I can’t better this REVIEW and besides I might run the risk of plagiarising it if I were to hatch my own. HYL, I kowtow to thee.

To be honest it’s only a flipping ham sandwich.

But why does it taste so darn good, is it the Rosemary and Sea Salt Focaccia or the oft bland (IMO) Mortadella adhered to the super garlicky Aioli?

Did I mention the usual unsung bits of the Tomato and the additional drenches of some evoo*? Hell Velma, this just goes to show F&W are totally at home when it comes to posh butties.

Costly ‘Tart’.

Slice of Raspberry and Coconut bake was fantastic; would’ve been double or even triple fantastic if accompanied by a cup of coffee**!

From a purveyor of the best cup of coffee in London to what may also be the ‘best piece of meat held between two pieces of bread’, F&W is nothing short of wow!

43 Lexington Street
London W1F 9AL

** Food & Wine! Coffee can only be had at the Beak Street branch! Pain in the bloody proverbial!

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Anonymous said...

Aww, I'm all embarrassed! Thank you Bellaphon! That sandwich and tart both look amazing, and I've still only tried the wild rabbit stew (twice). So next time I'm going to try a sandwich and a pasteis de nata...mmmm