Sunday, 1 March 2009

Franzè & Evans

Every time I approach Brick Lane from Bethnal Green Road I can’t help but notice Franzè & Evans. What attracted me to this Italian deli and kitchen were the buzziness and the brightness of the place. There’s something about places that can be anything but dark or incandescently lit.

Now as far as I’m concerned with such places, F&E included; they have nothing to hide about what they do or serve. In me humblest, an aura of assertiveness is usually guaranteed by restaurateurs who provide undimmed dining areas.

There are two things that newbies to this place will notice when they walk in; first the wonderful display of Italian food and groceries displayed on one side of the wall and secondly the genuine friendliness of the Italian gentleman who works there. I can only assume that the latter is the F in F&E.

This place is also perfect for a lazy Sunday sojourn.

I popped by one Sunday morning, too early for lunch so a latish breakfast beckoned instead.

The cappuccino was C+ (my grading for a cup of coffee). What with my exposure (perhaps overly so) to Flat Whites and Short Blacks, my recent experiences with cappuccini in London have been consistently unstimulating. My daughter told me that the cappuccino she once had in a café was to all intents and purposes, warm milk flavoured with a tad of coffee- that is basically my grade D.

My brunch of Scrambled Eggs, Smoked Salmon and Dill on Sourdough Toast. Before I go on about the taste, there’s one thing that drives me nuts on this plate!

Unwashed cherry toms that’s been plonked to one side; the cook could’ve at least roast or grill the bloody things or leave them out altogether! I’m sure that the owners are aware that customers who come here are informed food lovers and under no circumstances will they accept unprepped or unwashed food.

That aside, the eggs (that vivid colour is certainly not Photoshopped which can only suggest something decidedly free rangey about them) were hearty enough, but a bit more milk or cream wouldn’t hurt. The salmon was of top notch quality; mild and perfect for the first meal of the day.

I need to come back here for the proper Italian dishes, that would probably mean lunch and leaving some space for the delicious cakes on display as well. I’m keeping my fingers crossed on the next visit being hugely more promising than the first. I love the concept and the ambience of F&E too much to be thwarted.

Watch this space for the follow up.

101 Redchurch Street
London E2 7DL

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