Monday, 10 August 2009

New Tayyabs

Oh no! Please don’t go away…

…not another bleeding Tayyabs post! Hold on to your horse mackerels bhajis, no apologies but it had to be done. The inclusion of New Tayyabs is an important one for any London based foodie or blogger to experience at least once and if not, twice. This food blog can only be certified as one if NT is included, so one of the gaping holes in my reviews of restaurants has finally been filled by this better late than never posting of it.

Just over a year ago respected blogger Cheese and Biscuits uttered something about NT here. Since then this man has
single-handedly exceeded NT’s already fine reputation to even greater heights by putting it firmly on the map with the use of what I would metaphorically describe as, indelible ink. NT’s pilgrimage status is accordingly set in stone. I know that the informed lot would insist that NT is specified as a Pakistani/Punjabi eatery, but for the sake of the other readers, the generic term of Indian is more universally appropriate. If you fancy an Indian tonight then be prepared to be blown away by NT!

If there are any young ones out there with aspirations of owning a Beemer like the one above, well just sell loads of the below!

Coming here for the first time?
Then you gotta have the lamb chops, otherwise a cardinal sin has been committed if you don’t.

Karahi Keema from a past visit

As well as being socially inept I’m also methodical about the number of times I visit each place to eat. NT is one of those places where a daily special is featured, and before you say it, I’ve tried all of them as well. From the beefy Niharis to Karahi prawns, I’ve never been let down. Regardless of the lack of any organic or free range meats used, the food here is always sensational. The only one thing that I do regret is not trying the off-piste dish of the leg of lamb that Su-Lin so aptly wrote about in her otherwise indifferent review of the place. For a solo diner like myself to gorge on a whole leg of lamb would mean that I’ll have to be a Daniel Lambert (bless him and no pun intended).

The following was what I had a fortnight ago-

Inclusive salad and dippy sauces.
Jugs of tap water is in-situ on every table and service charge is zilch.

Mixed grill platter of eternally chewy but delicious Mutton Tikka and an excellent Seekh (sic) Kebab.

I didn’t get to finish the above as I over ordered!

Pilau Rice
I don’t want to know how much ghee and fatty meat stock goes into making this plate of rice. It was good enough to be eaten on its own. Yum.

Sunday special of Haleem

This Pakistani lamb stew cooked with wholegrain wheat was tremendous.

If anyone should ask me whether I’ve been to the Punjab region, my answer would be a white-lie yes and it’s New Tayyabs. Denial of the place would be an injustice, go now and be uplifted. The hype lives on, highly recommended.

83 Fieldgate Street
London, E1 1JU


The Shed said...

There is no such thing as over-ordering in New is simply called tomorrow's lunch. Always, ALWAYS order more than you can possibly eat, especially if you've waited 45 minutes to sit down!
Must go back

Food.By Mark. said...

I am well aware of the void that I have as a self-appointed foodie... Like riding my £1000 bike (which has sat in my lounge for a whole year), I need to go here. I have just asked the missus, sat on other side of this table, also on her laptop, whether she would like to go this week... Need to book.

Ben said...

Can't go wrong with Tayyabs, but it's so bloody unhealthy...good thing it's miles away from me. Nearly moved into the flats behind, complete with a constant jet blast of Tayyabs from the extractor..

Hollow Legs said...

Their tinda masala is amazing, as is their dry meat curry. I've only been 4 times this year... that must be rectified.

Helen said...

Agreed with Lizzie, the tinda is my favourite Tayyabs dish I think along with the dry meat and lamb chops. I did't know they did specials though so thanks for the heads up on that.

I heart cupcakes said...

I loved everything I ate at Tayyabs - and agree the tinaa masala was amazing as was the dry meat (well the bit I wrested from my tubby hubby anyways!). I've only been once earlier this year and must go back asap - think I'll book a table for next week to celebrate the end of my swine flu quarantine. Think I'll take the shed's advice and order loads and just get a doggy bag to take it all to work the next day!

bellaphon said...

N- You’re right, the only problem is I don’t fancy lugging the woofy bag around when I’m walking back to a distance of three miles. I’m a right difficult sod. It’s funny you should mention the queuing, I’ve never experienced it before but then again I only come here for lunch.

Mark- I used to cycle but the bikes kept going AWOL! Perhaps that was a blessing that encouraged me to walk instead, a bit like Harry Dean Stanton did in Paris, Texas. Hope you enjoy the lamb chops with Mrs FbM.

Ben- LOL!…plus the odd virus from the Royal London Hospital as well!

Lizzie- The pumpkin curry (a Sunday special I think) like you said is amazing, the dry meat curry although good, is not in the same league as the Malaysian rendang.

Helen- Thanks and see you soon ;)

I♥C- You poor dear! Glad you’ve recovered; I’m convinced that by eating a lot of chilli it keeps those dastardly germs at bay. Enjoy your dins!

theundergroundrestaurant said...

Hello from France!
NT is fab. The Tinda veggie review of it here...

Unknown said...

Hello B! I'm back from Singapore and it was bloody Glorious. I've never felt so patriotic (just celebrate our national day) and appreciative of home till I came here to work.
Anyhoo, NT is awesome. The DRY MEat is a dish i must have everytime I'm there and their fish masala is good to beat. I tend to avoid fish in indian restaurants but NT is the exception.
Btw, was wandering around spitalfields today and chanced upon Nude Espresso! Finally! Very SMOOOTH FW. Nice to know there's a cute spot around my neighbourhood!

bellaphon said...

MML- 'tis a pity NT doesn't serve a mixed grill platter of peppers, aubergines, etc for the veggies!

Yvonne- Welcome back to the greyness and the rain! The FWs at Nude are usually too smooth for me but like Lantana, the ambience is perfect for a coffee break.