Sunday, 2 August 2009

How was your Sunday? (Series 2)

I felt lethargic this morning...

So I decided to take the bus and resorted to looking out for things that end up on the roof of bus shelters...

...seen any of the above lately? Some peeps call it art...

...I ended up walking as I'm fated to do so...

...I came back to The Counter to redeem my Sunday....

...the Flat White was part of the joy...

...but the spicy scrambled eggs even more so.
I spent nearly two hours here; basking, pondering, snapping, nosing, eating, reading, dreaming, fidgeting, stirring, eavesdropping, smiling, thanking, paying and very nearly snoring. I do love The Counter.

How that bollard ended up on somebody's doorstep is beyond comprehension!
Portman Square W1

Come grow old with me,
for there are no more surprises to be!

Not quite as fetching as Beijing's bird nest stadium, but by George, at the very least we've got the 2012

Made it to The Counter at long last...

...and had a most luscious brunch.

I have the same kind of eyes if you're wondering.

Bow Church
If you stare long enough at the photo you might see a ghost or two.

Lovely cuppa at Yumchaa, Soho.

8.45 AM
Cabbing my way to Edgware. This is the much lamented Oriental City, what loss!

Edgware is not terribly exciting, and that's being nice.
One-stop shop for plantains and shampoo.

Installed this behemoth of a turntable that costs as much as a Fiat Cinquecento; if not, more.

No walks so far as I'm not familiar with this part of London.

Lunch at Jashan, an Indian vegetarian restaurant.

Dhosa- Mysore Masala with potatoes, onion and coconut chutney.
Talking of vegetarians, MsMarmitelover called me on the phone to enthuse about her trip to Lille yesterday with a group of well known bloggers (I'm not worthy enough).

Strange dish of 'Indian Chinese' Haka noodles. Looked anaemic but tasted fine.

Wembley Stadium
Are we all in agreement that this is the best stdium on earth? Yes it quite clearly is!

People like me.
Football (ban that bloody word soccer!) pilgrims.

Stoke City supporters.
Chaps, you're too nice and thanks for posing.

The sheer scale of Wembley market

I didn’t bother going in. I’m not claustrophobic but I’m not exactly patient with crowds.

She sells seashells no longer!
Marylebone iconic chippie shut, fire of convenience?
(Oh just in case you were wondering about my usual weight-loss antics, I walked here from Wembley)

Glorious game dinner at Hereford Road.

It took me two and a half hours to reach here by foot this morning.

Fantastic sojourn at the Bruncheon Club.
Review to come

Casual stroll through London Fields

Takeaway espresso and picollo

A London institution

A liitle detour on my way back to the West End

...already thinking about where to go for dinner tonight.


If I had a girlfriend now it would mean that my Sunday routines would be curtailed somewhat. So at least for the time being I’m happy to be unattached and proceed with the usual requisite ten-mile walk in polluted London as well as eating and snapping randomly. The world is blissfully my oyster.

St Katharine Docks
Near London Bridge is falling down Tower Bridge

Life of Riley
That dog is obviously leading a better existence than most humans!

Life of Riley
Now beware of one of the seven deadly sins that's envy

Illegal pedlar

Man Utd fans gearing up for the Charity Shield
BTW, they were beaten by Chelsea

To this day its status is still very much confirmed by the Monopoly game

Lunch at the Ecuadorian Costa Azul
Review to come

The Jewish Voice Workshop with Judith Silver at the Royal Festival Hall
This amazing session of Jewish folk songs made my day!

Iced Coffee at Flat White

Heading back home, no matter how much I try I can't avoid Oxford Street.


Sundays to me mean walks, snaps and eats.

Most of my walking routes end up in the East End, this part of London never bores me. It's also the best time to appreciate before it ends up being molested by the regeneration programme.

Citroën DS



Solo lunch at New Tayyabs

It's a bloody myth that London is expensive for food.
Seek and you shall be fed cheaply.

Met up with MsMarmitelover at this extraordinary caff. Excellent to have met the wonderful Daft and Ahackinhackney as well. I need to come back here for a full vegan fix before I write about it.

Pogo is a worker’s co-operative, all the staff who work here are basically volunteers who effectively depend on tips. When you’re here next, please reciprocate generously.

My coconut milkshake, soy that is.

MML's vegan sausages
Not your average slurry filled condoms* I dare say.

Sculpture at Kingsland Road

Dinner with KC at Loong Kee Café

and That Vietnamese Place had decided to morph into Hung Việt!


theundergroundrestaurant said...

Fantastic post. Lets return soon.
Pogos is a home from home.
You missed the maitre Daft's remark when he served the two sausages:"isn't that just the perfect expression of gay love?"

Lauradinosaur said...

I'm glad you enjoyed us a Pogo. Come back for breakfast and cake!
incidentally, the 'hot and sour pho soup' at Hung Viet is one of the best I've had in London. nom.

bellaphon said...

MML- ...and of stag hags and fag hags :D

Lauradinosaur- didn't get to meet you proper, will do next. Hung Viet, banishing any thoughts of complacency, is a rising star in Hackney. Thanks for commenting, much appreciated.

I heart cupcakes said...

I MUST go to Climpson and Sons soon - another to add to my list!
Been meaning to go to Pogo for some time as well many places so little time!
Seems like you had a bumper eating day :)

bellaphon said...

IHC- It would be churlish to postpone any visits to climps, it's really that good. Might even see you anon at Pogo's! I sure eat till I pop as well.

Anonymous said...

ohhh I like these sunday posts!!!


thora said...

Nice Sunday series!

thora said...

Forgot to say: nice Olympic Stadium, there's a web site about it. Don't you just love the bird's nest in Beijing?

bellaphon said...

T- Thank you. The Beijing stadium together with the Stade de France are my favourites. For for sheer experience you'll need to go Anfield for a football match. it's life enhancing!

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