Monday, 17 August 2009

The Bruncheon Club

Sunday 16/08/09

Fast track or perhaps even queue jumping time. I decided to post this review ahead of the others that I’ve accumulated, simply because I was excited about going to the place and the end result was marvellous.

My shop is normally open on Sunday mornings for the sake of my beloved hi-fi boffs as a surgery (or think Sunday School, it’s vaguely analogous). Well not this morning as I had to ‘make haste; the better foot before’ to Hackney Downs by 11AM for a repast. The walk took around two hours and a fair bit from Hugh Grant land. Walking a fair distance increases the appetite and there’s nothing quite like when upon arrival at the destination, good nosh awaits you. I made it in good time at the Bruncheon Club for a few early snaps** .

I shan’t go into lengthy details about the BC since a better and as per usual, wittier review written by Lamarmiteamoureux can be found here.

Maya and Gregg host the Bruncheon Club at their delightful garden flat. There are two sittings of six guests each, one at the said 11AM and the other for the not so early birds at 2PM. Despite this morning being only their third event, there were no signs of nerves or mishaps to be seen; the handsome couple seemed like seasoned pros when it comes to feeding strangers at their abode. Without going overboard, I found the hospitality utterly genuine and warm.

Like all underground restaurants, mingling with the other guests is essential. It was good to meet Simeon, Anne, Al, Fran and Ginanne. Salut folks! I believed we talked about everything from Anne and Simeon’s pet hedgehog, Lord Weetabix to things that I’ve never even heard of, like the Lamington sponge cake from Australia. And not once did we talk about the weather and speaking of which, it was a perfect sunny morning for brunch and a friendly banter.

Faithful to the rules that culminate a true brunch, Bloody Marys were served first to ease the path to what’s left of the weekend from the previous night’s excesses (in my case, digesting Glen Duncan’s I, Lucifer). My Virgin Mary was so good that it prompted the question on why the fuss with gazpacho? This perfectly concocted liquid goodness wouldn’t be out of place if served in a bowl; a worthy and defining starter for the summer.

BC’s own description of Simple Seasonal Fruit.
Of strawbs and raspers, I just don’t eat enough fruits of any kind. This shortcoming in my diet can be only be remedied if I’m either force-fed or if the fruit is presented in a pretty bowl as shown. I was impeccably well behaved this morning, I ate the entire contents.

Eggs Royale (poached duck eggs on English muffins with smoked salmon and home-made Hollandaise)

Whoever cooked the eggs should be outted as a professional chef, faultlessly poached and not a reek of vinegar whiffed. The Hollandaise sauce was beautifully executed and I could well imagine Messrs Torode and Wallace swooning over it. An Eggs Royale that’s best described as State of the Art, bravo BC!

The yielding of the creamiest yolk imaginable.

Caffeine A

Caffeine B

Warm Croissants with butter and jam.
When I’m at home I just eat the croissant straight out of the bag or packet, but never warmed up! I’ve been denying this little detail of luxury for the past three years…sad. Oh I ate mine the French way, neat and unadulterated. I’m now well fed and prepped for the return journey back to W2.

What Maya and Gregg have done is a welcome niche in terms of the supper club phenomenon. I thoroughly enjoyed my time here, and so should you; BC deserves the success. There was even talk of Sunday Roast Dinners, I can only wait in anticipation. With my endorsement and support for The Underground Restaurant, The Hidden Tea Room and The Shed, I can now wholeheartedly include the Bruncheon Club on the that list too. Big, big recommendation, book now!

* King John, Shakespeare.

** The camera can be often be misconstrued as disrespectful or intimidating to some people, I sincerely hope that I’m always responsible with it.

The suggested donation is £12.


Sue said...

I do love a lamington!

bellaphon said...

Hi Sue, I gotta have it. Anyone out there baking one please save some for me!

Anonymous said...

what an amazing place!!! makes me want to set one up now! I could call mine "chav chic" :D

ahhh bloody mary's, I remember when my sister and I thought it was an actual food group, and lived on nothing but!


Lisa said...

I love the sound of these supper and brunch clubs, will have to give one a try. And those eggs look divine...

You can get a lovely Lamington at Bills in Brighton (see my post "Bills and Ben" for a pic). I keep meaning to make some so will let you know if I do!

The Shed said...

I am even more excited about my trip to BC now! Roll on bank holiday Monday!

bellaphon said...

Chav Chic- Best invite me if you have any aspirations!

Lisa- What a lovely excuse to go down to Brighton again! Thank you.

The Shed- I'm looking forward to yours soon. Enjoy BC!

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