Monday, 6 July 2009

Daddy Donkey

I’ve already forgiven myself for not knowing that burrito means ‘wee ass’ in Spanish. Actually ‘wee ass’ could well be suggestively misconstrued, so let’s be sensible and stick to little donkey instead. To this day I still find it incredible that we take names for granted. For instance I was recently asked by my daughter, ‘how and where did the word London come about?’ I went all quiet and thought quietly to myself '‘what a flipping train wreck of a question that is, I was never taught that at school!’. Betcha 95% of Londoners are clueless on the origins of the name that spells out their city.

I’m no Mexican food expert and I certainly can’t discuss the issues on authenticity as I’ve only ever eaten this kind of nosh in London. I also have a historical problem with Mexican cuisine or rather my tummy has, meals would invariably end up with an alarming disposition to several calls of nature. Thankfully my respect for this cuisine was rekindled by my recent visits to the two branches of Wahaca at Covent Garden and Westfield. The food served by Wahaca is relatively delicious, filling, doesn’t break the bank and no ill effects caused. Ms Miers
, thanks for the redemption and my new found confidence in Comida Mexicana.

The yearning for a burrito was placated because of her. She’s American, so she must know a thing or two about a good burrito when she finds one. Daddy Donkey was chanced upon with the aid of here. I must also add that a good website whets the appetite. DD was so named because of its declaration that it serves the Daddy of all little donkeys or burritos. And my word they’re right about the Kick Ass and huge wraps they sell.

The mobile trailer is pitched in the 300 year old Leather Lane Market.

This market is mainly noted for stalls selling gladrags and shoes. I came on the aftermath of a Burrito Eating Contest and was lucky to have secured a burrito just before they packed up.

This is Joel the head flake, you can tell by the twinkle in his eye that success beckons all the way to the top.

Here we go-

State what style of lunch you prefer from burrito, salad or taco.

Choose a filling from the following of chicken, beef (3 kinds), porky and of course guacamole for the veggies. And top the whole thing with salsa varying from ‘little cotton socks’ mild to ‘eating fire’ extra habanero hot.

This is my burrito filled with Picadillo (ground scotch beef cooked slowly in garlic, onion, cumin, paprika, oregano, tomato salsa and chipotle), coriander lime rice, black beans, cheese, more cheese, sour cream and a hot enough salsa for gentle dud(e)s like me. The size of the burrito belies the image shown; the generosity of the filling and hugeness meant that it was both lunch and supper accounted for (if you're wondering I'm no Hagrid). This is one glorious splodge wrapped tightly and the best I’ve eaten in London, simply superb. I’m converted enough to say that I love Daddy Donkey. I paid £5.50 for the above plus a measly 60p for a can of Coke.

This is as close as you can get to real street food that tastes gratifyingly wonderful in London. Daddy Donkey kicks ass beautifully. Highly recommended.

Second visit of chicken filled goodness.

Pitches 100-101
Leather Lane Market


Melanie said...

I try, I try! I think I might abandon my burrito quest and take up the search for tacos now...

Or enchiladas. Yes, definitely enchiladas.

(Thanks for the link, by the way. You're the first!)

theundergroundrestaurant said...

Sounds like a porn pseudo 'Daddy donkey'...

meemalee said...

See now you're stalking me - this is right next to my work :)

I've never tried Daddy Donkey though, cos I'm too cheap and the queues are always too long.

A little further along Leather Lane, there's some wicked Thai and curry vans, and a veggie buffet that is beautiful if you avoid all the fake meat dishes - all for three of your English pounds.

Hollow Legs said...

Opposite Lantana the freebird stall does really good burritos - better than Benito's Hat, whose wee ass leaked all over my keyboard. So to speak.

Kavey said...

Been wondering what these were like since seeing daddy donkey on twitter and coming across the various offers and reviews.


bellaphon said...

Melanie- My pleasure and best of luck with your blog.

Marms- Dung like a honk...the portions are certainly well endowed.

Meemule- Gawd you've only just realised! I suggest that you watch your back or!

Lizzie- LOL, leaky asses.

Kavey- I'm convinced that DD is going places, visit the mobile stall before they morph into a GBK or Pret.

Joel@DaddyDonkey, thanks for following me on Twitter; just to let you know that I don't follow back as I can't or won't tweet. ;)

I heart cupcakes said...

This is quite near my work but when I want a burrito fix I usually head up to Exmouth or Chilangos but after seeing this pic I shall brave the hoardes of Leather Lane soon and try one of these behemoths! They look yum

Helen said...

Alas, the lunchtime burrito is something i hear about on Twitter. I cannot tell you how annoying it is working in Camberwell. Then again, everyone is probably sick of me going on about it so I'll leave it there. I am jealous. That is all.

bellaphon said...

I♥C- Do let us know how DD compares to Chilangos.

Helen- Aw you poor soul, I was going to utter something about Sarf London but best keep schtum. Don't want to called a SLhater, that's all.

Ben said...

Can't help thinking Santo was good value considering it was eat-in and the same price as this place. BUT, those do look pretty good. Overpriced peasants food though isn't it? :-)

No news from my end, I'm completely and utterly skint. I did go an event at a famous residence last night though and the canapes were surprisingly unspectacular.

bellaphon said...

Ben- try this;

Young male dining companion seeking Sugar Mommy for LTRR.''

FLW- Food Loving Woman
WLD- With Loadsa Dosh
LTRR- Long Term Restaurant Relationship

There you have it.

meemalee said...

Now I've had Chilangos and thought it was wubbish.

Meemule? How dare you.

Daddy Donkeys is doing BOGOF till tomorrow yer know

You're also on their website :)

Ben said...

Whoring myself out for posh nosh...there's got to be a book in that

steve said...

i've walked past this a couple of times buy had already eaten so i have yet to try it. however i have had to watch a friend eat from here and he was as impressed as i was jealous. untill i manage to eat here my favourite burrito venue is whole foods in kensington high st; very nice and can be quite large. good value too.

bellaphon said...

Steve- I've actually been to Whole Foods a few times now and yes the Mexican tuck is rather commendable and surprisingly cheap for WF’s prices, but Daddy Donkey’s effort IMO is more soulful and faithful to that cuisine.