Monday, 13 July 2009

101 Thai Kitchen

oh hai fanz disciplez peeps an phish sos l♥vers jus 2 let u knoe dat mah qwest 4 da bestest thai fud in london has been fulfilld. hooj thx 2 dem women folk liek gingr an sulin. dis place iz wai out west in hammersmth but worth the trip by bus or toob or walk till u git cramps.

c, dat colour iz in ur face, u cant mis it. even aftr few blinkz u will still c it, dat colour favours us all. me and m8 walkd in an saw lodsa thai peeps eatin an lookin merry. sign ov all things gud.

teh gurls servers r mighty friendly, no disin nor polar coldnes. we ordrd wut dem thai wuz eatin, hey man we woz most impresd.

icd thai coffeh wif condensd milk woz well soothin.

Som Tum
papaya salad wif baby crabs woz well wickd. vry spicy an most awsum seasonin.

piggy scratchins made us lot weepin wif joy. teh crab roe woz 2 dye 4

Tom Yum Goong
teh soup dat makd the thais proud an all. it woz well wickd an troubld me mouth 4 a few mins. it hurtd so much it woz nice. fat prawns and m’rooms swimmin in bowl woz delishus.

Fish Salad
teh naym say not mutch but wickd coupons ov sea baz hangin in nice salad the bestest dish 4 me 2nite. teh whol plate woz mighty fragrant and i wants nao 2 marry thai babe hoo cook 4 me evrydai.

Frog Legs with chilli
dem lot we c eatin frog legs so we copid. it 2 woz wickd it woz chickin like but moar watery. no worriez man, no bod or head of mistah jeremy fishr 2 b seen jus his delish legs.

nao u knoe y dem french eat dem legs coz they r gud. high tiem u ordr dis meat.

Pad Thai
omg dis woz so gud, it woz beyond wickd. not 2 sweet but nuff chilli 2 kick urself silly. must ordr or b square.

well delightd an happeh 2 makd it ere. bangkok iz not dat far away aftr all the 94 bus reach it in no tiem. dis plaice rockz like no othr thai placez i has been, most highly rec’d.

NB wan fud bogeyman blogman told a new blogman u has 2 rite well otherwize dont bother bcoz nobods will read it. i sez 2 hell wid dat, if evryone ritez liek dat den all blogs read the same…zzzzz. dis gets on mah nozzl. imperfecshuns an t errors rule the wurld.

352 King Street

London W6 0RX


Su-Lin said...

My head hurts.

Su-Lin said...

Oh, but glad you liked the restaurant though!

bellaphon said...

S-L, sry cud not resist!

Helen said...

Oh Hai! Mai hed hurtz so much is got punding in mai tempelz. Gud to hear of gud Thai fud in London all the samez.

meemalee said...

I can't tell if this is meant to be in lolcats or rude bwoy.

Either way, translate it back into English or I'll pinch you.

Kake said...

Poor Les, I hope you feel better soon!

tehbus said...

u iz jokes. fur reel.

Dawn said...

I hope you put that through a translator and didn't type it out by hand!

bellaphon said...

h ov troy- not jus mah hed dat hurtz but also mah poor 4 eyez

Meeow- wickd daughtr u quit pinchin nao im bruisd enuf as it iz

kakkak- wan screw forevr misin thaz me

tebhus- jokez r demode n dis ar teh 4 real

sunrize- bloodfire! all dem lot tranzlators only uppr case, wif mah pride i pokd keybord tirelesly 4 da lowr casez. innit cool doh?

Hollow Legs said...

I can't believe I made it to the end.

Been spying on twitter, have we...?

bellaphon said...

lizard- ras clot u accuse me ov nosey twit, m well distresd...go an eat ur cornish scorn!

Anonymous said...

o mah dayz vis place sanz wickid blud, i gotz2 hall ass dan ver...i iz alwayz on da look aht 4 sumwhere dat tastez lak home innit!


obligitory teeth kiss

bellaphon said...

Είσαι μιλώντας ελληνικά;

catty said...

LOL how did i not know u existed until NOW?! My life is so much better hahaha :) I *heart* you already!

Niamh said...

Reading that was hard work but hilarious. I can haz a headache.

Le laquet said...

That took me 20 minutes to read - I think I should have stuck with early years practice and just looked at the pictures! Food looks fab.

bellaphon said...

wow adn wickd! rite sudden flurry ov acTVT!

kat-o-9-tails- meeeeow! thx lot luv u 2 x

neevee- oh sweet eirish cailín mah head iz well seismic 2!

le laquet- pleasure 2 has u stoppin by. ur naym woz uneasy 2 muck wif im defeatd! thx anyway.

kerstin said...

buffers! sick!