Monday 20 July 2009

The Big Lunch at The Underground Restaurant

One of the advantages with food blogging is that you make friends*, in this case MsMarmitelover has indeed become a very good one.
Yo Marms!

This her take on The Big Lunch.
Due to a possible conflict of interest, this post is not a review but a collection of snaps to make some of you drool.

Brought me own pinky lemonade albeit très cher

The lovely N of The Shed

Grilled aubergines with masala chaat yoghurt and pomegranate

Palm heart salad

Filo triangles with feta and red chilli pepper
Dolmades stuffed with rice, caramelised walnuts and salted lemons

Toms, grilled halloumi and red pepper

Caramelised endives with parmesan cheese sauce

AGA warmed bread

Mr Whippy

Baked apricots with basil and mint

Happy and young shiny peeps

Emma and Diana


*One of the disadvantages includes that you're labelled as a 'no mark' by other bloggers, how unnecessarily pathetic!


theundergroundrestaurant said...

Thanks Les...lovely pix as per usual...
What's the 'no mark' thing about?

Niamh said...

Lovely photos and the food looks delicious!

Ps. what is this "no mark" business about?!

Hollow Legs said...

I don't understand this 'no mark' business either. It looks like a lovely afternoon - I love aubergines, I must get the recipe.

bellaphon said...

Ladies- thank you, great food aside; the ambience and the company were pretty much instrumental as well.

As for the other thing-

***There ARE things out there! There absolutely is! They ARE out to get me! Buzz, recharge the fuel cells, we’re leaving the room….***

thora said...

Great photos, Bellaphon! and a nice post.

bellaphon said...

Thora- Thank you. On your next visit to London do ensure that you make it to one of MsMarmite's dinners; she's a hoot!

thora said...

I'm planning to stay 2 or 3 days ONLY BECAUSE of the dinners!

Unknown said...

The pink lemonade looks incredible. I must have the bottle! As you know, I'm a sucker for all things vintage.

The food looks lovely as well.

And a 'no mark'? Tshaw. Utter nonsense!

bellaphon said...

Thora- Next time you're in London I'll make sure that I'm in the shop. If I ever visit a Czech or German restaurant in London, I'll think of you.

LMR- £3.40, as you said worth paying for the bottle alone.

...I saw Elvis having a kebab in Tooting the other day, I swear that I'm not bipolar and...

Anonymous said...

LoL! i was just going to comment on the pink lemonade, whatsisface on broadway market have a load of them, the boy and I want to buy the whole range for the bottles alone....can't afford it though! maybe if i save my pennies hard!