Saturday, 13 June 2009

What I sort of ate and stumbled upon today

I’m by nature a shameless person (the blog says it all). I went back to smoking around a fortnight ago after giving it up for seven months. My original reason for quitting smoking is here and subsequently leading to scoffing this and that. I tried hard to think of excuses on why I lit my first fag of the year, I couldn’t, I just did. I suppose it’s just that smoker’s thing, the poison within is already ingrained. As per usual I’m not proud of myself but truth be told, I think it’s going to be nigh on impossible for me to give it up now. One thing that I did notice with this smoking debacle is that my bingeing appetite has been vastly suppressed. Perhaps the two advantages with being a smoker are; as well as being single one doesn’t have to indulge in snogging activities save the below, and Fat Les progressively becoming fatless.

Breakfast is a couple of these and two strong cups of filtered Sumatra coffee

Lunch with daughter at one of her favourite Japanese, Chisou.
Post coming up soon.

Accompanied daughter to see one of her favourite bands playing a free gig on Carnaby Street.
Redtrack is a punk rock bank from Southend. I grew up with The Clash and these boys reflect them handsomely.
They were very good. My video of them with I Fought the Law.

Green Tea Frozen Yogurt and Watermelon.
Don't go for the small as the medium shown above is only 50p more and it's more than enough for two. It was fun but expensive at £3.95!

World Naked Bike Ride at Oxford Circus.
Dumbledore is quite clearly alive, the camera never lies!

So what does one do when they have £4.69 left in their pocket, 'tis supper time by now you see. Macs, that's what.
The above is the New York Special. And what did I think of it? I gulped the lot with fervour.
BTW, Lizzie was right with the buns at Macs, there's summat 'bout them.


thora said...

What shall I say, this post made me LOL and CRY at the same time. LOT at "I don't HAVE to indulge in snogging", CRY because I have been longing so much for cigarettes lately (yes, the poison is still there) AND for losing weight. And I'm living and snogging with a heavy smoker. Where's the gun?

bellaphon said...

Thora- LOL to you as well! But not so when my cramps come back ;(

meemalee said...

Never tried Chisou before but the fishy looks delishy!

Dehesa! Dehesa! Please :)

Boo said...

I know your pain, I succumbed a while back having quit on Christmas eve. I've quit again now though, god...who am I trying to kid?! I'm tempted by the McD's ad on TV at the moment, a different state every week for a month. What's New York about this one exactly?

bellaphon said...

meemalee- Forgot to mention that the hand carved jamon at Dehesa is one of the cheapest in London. BTW, read the Fujiyama (woeful waste of £16!) review- case of if you don't see any Japanese diners in Japanese restaurants, avoid.

Boo- Read your Monmouth review which I found excellent. Thinking about it, if I'd stopped drinking coffee at the same time as giving the dreaded weed a shove the outcome would've be more positive. Alas, too late now.

That NY Special as far as I can remember, included an extra slice of synthetic cheese.

Unknown said...

Erm... what's with the change in blog title?

I'm glad I was out of London for the Naked Bike Ride. I sympathise with the cause, but I prefer my men - and women - clothed. At least in public.

bellaphon said...

LMR- Erm back...the blog title, cos I'm a fruitcake.