Thursday, 18 June 2009

Scandinavian Kitchen

Late lunch consisting of great hot dog, moist carrot cake (with pine nuts!) and honest black coffee.

Coffee Break

Love Cake
Yummy choc cake with coconut and caramel icing.

Takeaway smorgasbord dinner including smoked mackerel...

pork liver pate with crispy bacon and gherkin...

...and Gravad lax.

£4.50 for the trio of excellent tasting open sandwiches.

LMR, I've done my part. The Kkkk..kkkklar...kakaofacmilan, oh you know what I mean. It was bloody delicious, thank you. Texture is akin to half baked brownies and dangerously addictive.

I just had to, it was asking for it.
Apologies to SK and Normann-Copenhagen


There you have it, lunch with daughter and excellent it was too.
That T-shirt sums her up!

Smorgasbord of crayfish (in tub), bacon and pate, prawn and egg, rare roast beef and meatballs.

Meatballs with beetroot and potato salad.

A** grade filter coffee.
Not many places offer fresh filter coffee, and I'm sorry to say that Americanos or a Long Blacks are not in the same league, they're simply watered down espresso shots. Filter coffee preserves the trinity of gaia, spirit and soul of a coffee bean. I champion filter, failing the availability of it in an instant, I plump for flat whites instead. So thank you Scandinavian Kitchen for offering filter coffee.

Anti bitter moments of (£4.50 for the lot)-

Clockwise from the green thing of Punschrulle- Vacuum Cleaner
Aarak (rum) flavoured marzipan doo-dah.

Marshmallow covered in chocolate and coconut

Skum Rocket
As above but with even more coconut

Chocolate and coffee doo-dah


Jeg er en falske men glade biscuits
Jag är en falsk men lyckliga kex
Jeg er en bløffmaker men lykkelig kjeks

Olen huijari mutta onnellinen keksi

The fourth statement seems and I presume will always be as well; exclusive of the term Scandinavian. I’ve always made it known to myself that this group is really a triumvirate of nations plus one (or 2¼ for those who insist on the inclusion of Iceland and the Faroe Islands). The Syd Barrett of Scandinavia is Finland.


This is a lightening post of a "nice little Scandinavian cafe, deli and grocery store in London". Popped in immediately after Lantana. I was instantly hooked, the concept of the whole place is wonderful. Despite the Scandinavian tag, the place is hardly clinical and pinewood bland. It’s more welcoming, warmer and miles cheaper than Madsen, but then again it should be as it’s a café as opposed to a restaurant. As education goes, this place gives a lovely insight to the cuisine of the Nordic countries.

I’m itching to come back here soon for the open sandwiches (smørrebrød and smörgåsbord), herrings, meatballs and so on (let’s be honest, diversity stalls pretty quickly with this kind of cuisine). Updates coming up.

Triple shot capps made with glorious Monmouth beans. Love that iconic door-knobbed mug. I also had a skum and vacuum cleaner (find out yourself!)
You know that a snapshot has been fluffed when it was uploaded instead of the usual colour, well, as excuses go, my over consumption of caffeine resulted in the shakes!

The above statements in Danish, Swedish, Norwegian and Finnish mean ‘I’m a phoney but happy biscuit’ (if the translations are erroneous blame Google). However there’s nothing phony about Scandinavian Kitchen so go, go, go!

61 Great Titchfield Street
London W1W 7PP


Bronteblomhoj said...

Thanks for your nice words about our cafe. By the way, we LOVE the picture from the front of our shop - did you take it? We'd love to 'borrow' it for our blog if possible - it's really nice. Coffee in return?
-Bronte at Scandi Kitchen x

bellaphon said...

Bronte- For more than a moment or so I thought you were my daughter, she's called Bronte as well! The photo is mine, grab it from here, it's more high res. Love your place and thanks for commenting as well, see you anon :)

Siri said...

Let me guess: Google Translate? Do you mind me providing the correct Norwegian version?
Jeg er en falsk, men glad kjeks.
We love commas in Norway. Can't have a sentence without them. Oh, and about my visit to Nordic Bar: Lovely food, very cheap, although we tried ordering in Norwegian but the girl was American. I do think eating in a room painted all black is a tiny bit disconcerting, though. We Scandis do love our bright, airy, pine furnished rooms :)

meemalee said...

Never mind the food, their website is ten types of awesome. Here are some quotes:

"Scandinavians today still enjoy running around in fields on Saturday afternoons dressed up as vikings. The guy on the left looks particularly into it."

"The long winters made our Scandinavians ancestors warm to the idea of preserving food for the dark months ahead ... to provide enough energy for a long day felling trees in the woods or setting sail for some good old plundering and exploring."

By the way, bellaphonehome? Now you're just messing with me.

canelvr said...

Don't underestimate the power of the open sandwich! Almost the best meal I had in Stockholm a month ago was an open sandwich at a place called Jacob's in the central station there. Three words for you — cinnamon pickled herring.

Bronteblomhoj said...

Thanks for that - it is on our little blog now

Wow, I have never heard of any other Brontes and was starting to feel lonely, good to know there are a few of us!

Happy Midsummer


bellaphon said...

Siri- Oh thank you, that makes it even more authentically Scandi. Google T...I knew a pinch of salt had to be taken! I'll give Nordic a go despite my reservations with dark and basement rooms, at least American is spoken!

meemalee- The quirkiness of it all (site that is) makes it so enticing in the first place. I love that degree of frankness, rather like your inclusion of MSG in some of your recipes. As for winding you up, I’m perverse that way.

canelvr- Hate to admit to it and possibly rather unfair to state, but open sandwiches do make our chip butties uncouth. Cinnamon pickled herrings; the description is enough to make me salivate, thank you.

Bronte- I gave my daughter three names and Bronte was the middle name. She decided at four that the first and third names were only fit for pets (well they weren’t anyway), so it triumphs! And happy longest day of the year to you and everyone as well.

Helen said...

I wanted to visit this place when I pulled Denmark out of the bag for Eating Eurovision but I thought it might be a bit obvious. I've been meaning to go back and eat there ever since. It looks lovely. I really want one of the open sandwiches too. Loving the name 'skum rocket'.

James Hoffmann said...

Couldn't agree more on the filter coffee front. I'd love to see more decent filter coffee being served in London - it can be so amazing.

Props to the Scandinavians for continued awesomeness.

bellaphon said...

Helen- Scandinavian Kitchen is an absolute fun place to be in, the guv'nor Jonas is a gregarious master of hospitality.

J7- I'm sincerely humbled to have you commenting on this blog. Thank you.

Unknown said...

You didn't try the Swedish chocolate cake (kladdkaka)? It's wonderful. Not to mention fun to say!

bellaphon said...

LMR- Sod the zits, I'll give that a go next.

Unknown said...

Great - it comes with the server's personal guarantee (at least when I tried it).

P.S. You're right about the food around my work place. It's all CRAP!

Unknown said...

Glad you enjoyed it! Bet you can't say it five times fast though.