Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Incite to review...

...or perhaps not so. This post is a series of mini reviews of places I visit often that don't warrant a full write up. The main reason for this is that I tend to order either the same two or three dishes religiously without even giving the rest of the menu a chance. Service isn’t an issue in the slightest but the prices are affordable nonetheless. Provided if I don’t get too bored with things, more places will be added here. Happy cheapskate eating.



Freggo is Argentinian and affiliated to the Gaucho carnivore club next door. It’s awfully expensive but the ice cream is exemplary. A once a month treat for mere mortals.


Hand modelled by Jase the Essex Lad

That cup containing what looks like baby poo is the supremely sweet Dulce de Leche Temptation

27-29 Swallow Street
London W1B 4QR

Young Cheng (Chinatown)

YC is known among the aficionados of Chinese food for its improbably extensive menu of one-dish meals. This place is positively small and it thrives on a no-nonsense communal dining policy, for those who suffer from claustrophobia or expecting open arms hospitality, goodbye.

If there’s a restaurant in Chinatown with a primarily Chinese clientele, this place is it. Seriously if you do not speak Cantonese or Mandarin, bring a foodie pal with you who does, it prevents less aggro from the selective service and you end up with a better meal every time.

Rumours have it that this joint was taken over by the illustrious Mayflower a few doors down. One could call YC a Mayflower on the cheap and no reservations required.

I takeaway this dish almost all the time from YC.

Oyster omelette on rice.
A simple but indulging choice.

The dish is inherently dry, so the addition of chilli oil is necessary to make the whole thing even more appetising and satisfyingly kickass. £5.50 for this TV (except that I don’t have one) dinner.

If I’m up to it I might sometimes order this icky looking concoction. It’s Black Vinegar Pig Trotter or according to YC’s menu, Malaysian Style Pig Trotters.

This dish is intended as part of a post-natal diet for new mothers undergoing confinement. It’s sharp, sweet, gooey and utterly scrumptious. Enjoy.

76 Shaftesbury Avenue

London W1D 6ND


Hung’s (Chinatown)

Currently the best prawn dumplings (shui gau) in London.
My review at Trusted Places.

Shui Gau Loh Mein

Roast Pork the Chinese are best at.

Shui Gau soup.

Chili and Pepper Ribs.

27 Wardour Street


Manzara (Notting Hill Gate)

Greasy spoon by day and Tory kebab joint by night,
My review at Trusted Places.



Excellent kebab splodge.

Shish with tomato sauce.

24 Pembridge Road
W11 3HL

Arigato (Soho)

Jap supermarket that also sells sushi, bento boxes and fried morsels.
My review at Trusted Places.

Pork katsu.

Shui Mai and Chicken Karaage

48-50 Brewer Street

Biggles (Marylebone)

Sausage butcher that specialises in good value and delicious Sausage Torpedo sandwiches.
My review at Trusted Places.

Best Cumberland in London.

66 Marylebone Lane


Green Valley (Edgware Road)

Lebanese supermarket that also sells hot foo
d and baklava.

Shawarma wrap.

Lamb Rice.

Dentists' dream.

Full cream Lebanese pastries

36-37 Upper Berkeley Street



Snog (Soho)

Got converted by daughter on frozen yoghurt.

Green Tea and Fruits.

9 Brewer Street





Ben said...

That Pide is a travesty! I guess it's Turkish pizza, but then Turkish pizza is generally the anglicised name for Lahmacun...and Lahmacun that's not!

I tend to steer clear of Chinese food as what you get here tends to be so generic. But I also thought the food in China terrible too (that's limited to the one province I visited though so..).

Monica said...

I'm also not a huge fan of Chinese food, but I love the photos! Also enjoying your earlier posts. Thanks.

Dad said...

Très pleased to see Green Valley here. Mrs Dad is Lebanese so this is a frequent destination of ours. The kibbeh and kafta meat end up in our basket without question. (Kibbeh's to scoff on the way home and kafta to cook when we get there!)

Carry on .....

(no relation)

bellaphon said...

Ben- Give and take, most foods in this country are indeed a travesty. But if it tastes half decent, I'll buy it. Chinese dumplings are one of my death row dishes.

Monica- I'm abided by your comments, thank you.

Dad- Kibbeh and kafta, I must get them next and thanks for the reminder.

Helen Yuet Ling Pang said...

Hung's is on my list! Glad you recommend it. And I go to Arigato for all my Japanese food shopping, but have only eaten their food once.

bellaphon said...

HYL- Hung's, a Hollow Legs' recommendation.

Gerry Mill Hill said...

I like Young Cheng - but go for the usual English, prawns, pork, beef etc
Good food, good value

Greg said...

Freggo is a great place to go after a meal at one of the surrounding restaurants in Piccadilly. But as you say, only once in a while for mere mortals...

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