Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Sichuan Restaurant

Came here not too long ago and had a wonderful evening with the following: the über intelligent Kake, ‘for she has no foes’ Su-Lin, Mr Genial aka Ewan, a couple of friends from RGL; James and Marna and lest I forget the redoubtable Mr Noodles.

The beauty with this post is I don’t have to write much and you don’t have to suffer. So if you need to know more about the place then read here, here and here.

116 Churchfield Road
London W3 6BY


Su-Lin said...

Wow - I've got to try Snazz!

Mr Noodles said...

Su-Lin - in that part of town, I prefer Chilli Cool. That said I haven't been back to Snazz for close on 2 years!

bellaphon said...

S-L & MrN- Been to Chilli Cool once and I hope to go back this weekend. My first visit there was let down by the Sichuan standards of drifting-fragrant fish and Chengdu style twice-cooked pork; they weren't in the same league as Snazz.

Anonymous said...

Oh, you flatterer, you. BTW that's the wrong James you've linked to there!

bellaphon said...

Kake- I'm acciprone and not worthy..sorse to you and the real James!

vivi said...

love your blog! esp the post about hotpot at Little lamb!! Made me laugh haha

bellaphon said...

Hi 小蛋撻, thank you!

julie said...


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