Tuesday, 11 May 2010

The Shed

I feel remorseful that I haven’t posted this earlier. I’ve been to a lot of supper clubs during the past 14 months but I must say that The Shed is indeed one of the best and certainly the most at ease as well. I suppose the ease is to do with the ace hosts Nicola and Andrew actually dining with the guests themselves. Came here with my restaurateur chum, KC who declared Nicola’s cooking as wonderful home-cooking without the usual pretence that’s endemic in the supper club scene. I couldn’t agree more, The Shed likes food and we love The Shed.

The lazy Sunday meal is normally served in the shed but when we were there the muddy garden courtesy of the February weather prompted Plan B; we supped in the hosts’ living room instead.

The red gingham is The Shed’s trademark

Music was provided by DJ-in-residence, Andrew

Spiced pumpkin soup with garlic croutons and Emmett’s black bacon

A monumental moment

Slow roast lamb, Mujadara (lentil and rice dish), grilled aubergine and brocs,
The lamb was delectable; beautifully pink and melting.

An obvious success as everyone either had seconds or thirds

The pause and break before the pudding course

Home-baked chocolate brownie

Home-made Lemon tart

Excellent evening and big thanks to Nicola and Andrew. A solid recommendation is called for, so do yourself a favour and enjoy The Shed.

What I paid.



The Shed said...

Thank you, Les, for the lovely review! I'm so pleased you enjoyed it. The flat may resemble a student hovel...but at least the cake is nice, eh?

p.s. we're back in The Shed now, phew!

thora said...

The cake alone looks delicious and the lamb too!

Bread and Wine said...

Les - what camera do you use? Your food close ups always look better than mine and I'm getting camera envy! By the way, been to The Towpath yet? You must!

bellaphon said...

The Shed- Nics your're welcome and the cakes were indeed tour de force. Hoping to pop around during the summer...wanna be closer to the birds.

Thora- Our Nicola is a talented lass.

The Forker- Hey there and thanks for stopping by. I was using the wedding photographer's standard; Finepix S3 Pro. Been to The Towpath once but awaiting a second visit before the posting.

Bread and Wine said...

Thanks for that. What about the Hackney Pearl food shots? Which camera did you use for those? They particularly stand out. Sorry to sound like a camera anorak but looking for a new camera at the mo so any pointers - something compact and great for food macros and low light basically. Really great blog by the way and love the coffee geek stuff - a kindred soul.

bellaphon said...

Forks- Thanks. Same S3pro plus my trusty Nokia N95 mobile.

Dave said...

I am going to have to try the shed ... Looks great ...