Wednesday, 14 January 2009


It sort of dawned on me that one day we might get a celebrity chef as our PM, maybe not this lot but the next generation after them. Personally I don't mind the equivalent of H F-W or maybe even the boy Pukka himself overseeing the country. But I do draw the line with Ramsay who I find too distracted with issues other than work, and Blumenthal a bit of that 'push the red button' loose cannon type.

PS Anyway my money's on Jaimie being the first for a knighthood.


Unknown said...

Oh yes, good point. But I am irked by the purely masculine nature of this channel 4 programme. Get Nigella in there!

bellaphon said...

Personally I prefer Sue Perkins as I find Nigella too forcefully suggestive (PT!).