Sunday, 4 January 2009


I stumbled upon this contraption in John Lewis and no I didn’t succumb to one. This is triply amazing, imagine chips with just a spoonful of oil, whatever next, perfectly cooked pasta with a similar measure of water!

Right (I’m by choice and inclination that of centre if you catch my gist), I understand wholly that our government pump a huge amount of subsidi
es into the European Community year in and year out, and this can or already has benefited the new Member States of the European Union. My rant is to suggest that Brown and the Scottish Parliament pay a little bit more attention to home first. It’s a well-known fact that coronary heart disease is Scotland's biggest killer, it’ll be nigh on impossible to tell the Scots to abstain from fried foods altogether (Wiki stated they were responsible for the fried chicken in the first place!). So this Actifry thing can only be a good contributory factor towards the Scots’ well being. If we can’t give these deep fryers away to the good folks north of Hadrian's Wall, then they should at least be generously subsidised like National Health prescriptions.

I like the Scots but I deplore the stigma of dodgy heart disease that's plastered on them.

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