Monday, 12 September 2011

Lucky Chip

A massive thanks to IHC for prodding my shoulder about Lucky Chip. But I shan’t torment you with me sloppy writing about the finer details of LC as Kang the Devourer has already done so and albeit more eloquently. Please read his review here.

The regular menu.

The burger of the week.

The John Travolta’s Royale with Cheese.

An aged beef patty (allegedly of provenance à la Ginger Pig), American cheese, lettuce, toms, gherks and LC’s homemade hamburger sauce were sandwiched between.

How about the droolworthiness? Let’s do away with the negatives first; the patty was over-salted, bordered on medium-well (a heart-sinking consequence) and the special sauce was simply a combo of mayo (sadly it doesn’t bode well with her) and I believed, spiced-up ketchup. Eating the burger was a messy affair (a good sign nevertheless), with the juices running down one’s hands or elbow and as if by nature’s intervention, you simply lap up the excesses instead of using the urban napkins provided. Like HB this was one helluva burger. It was satisfyingly tasty and juicy i.e. double happiness! The Royale with Cheese triumphed with its near perfect formula of combining the good stuff (beef and bun) and the scummish tings (like cheese and sauces) therefore I don’t think it would be churlish to suggest it was the best street burger I’ve eaten in London.

Based on the sole burger I had at LC, a score of seven stands. The best London Burger* for me still resides in Brixton.

*A London Burger needn’t facilitate a slice of Kraft cheese or let alone satisfy the annoying whims of the blind leading the blind disciples of the ‘Burgers are Resolutely American League’, cheddar is perfectly fine as it savours better, it's home-grown and hardly synthetic. Long live whatever Blighty, and long live the London Burger!

I paid seven quid for the Travolta burger.

Netil Market
London Fields
London E8 3RL

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I heart cupcakes said...

I had the Royale with cheese on Friday after work and agree it was a messy affair but well worth me smelling of meat juice on the Overground! My husband went for the Sheen (which I'd had before) and made such a mess he ended up eating it with two forks - serves him right for being a fat bas***d and having chilli cheese fries too! I think where it pips the Meatwagon is the sides -their fries are really good - and no ungodly wait for food either!
Not sure if you like pork buns but Yum Bun on a Saturday trades near Netil Market and is fab!