Thursday, 21 July 2011

Big Apple Hot Dogs

Now that every man and his hot dog has written about Abiye and his stall so it’s best that I relief relieve you of my usual ill-formed and typo-ridden gibberish. But allow me a few words-

These dawgs are a massive ‘thumbs up’!

Disclosure- Ron Jeremy was included in the tags.

239, Old Street
London EC1


Mzungu said...

A picture speaks a thousand words ..... Excellent.

Dad said...

Lol, you only wrote what we all thought!!!

(The disclosure, that is, not the "gibberish" thing!)

I heart cupcakes said...

LOVE these hot dogs - was lucky enough to try one the other week - must go again asap

bellaphon said...

Mzungu- indeed so…I’ve had a few disapproving mails suggesting that I should stick to just uploading photos instead of writing and of which I’ve obliged at times when slothfulness gets the better of moi!

Dad- you’re so progressively inspirational! Now that I hold both Mr Jeremy and M. Bonaparte in the same esteem, the latter has been included in the tags as well.

I heart cupcakes- coffee, cupcakes, burgers and dogs…I’m sure we’ll bump into each other one fine day!