Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Mouse & de Lotz

If you’re gonna name a business that includes an animal then a taste of success (euphorically to boot) is guaranteed most of the time, well at least initially. I should know as my own shop (it’s boring…vinyl related and so on) is named after an aquatic animal and I can still afford to eat, drink and be merry (lambrini and kebabs of course) after 14 years. A trading name that permits an animal noun will undoubtedly pull, intrigue and mock the hoi polloi…well, let’s put this way it should be bleeding essential when studying for an MBA course. But as always with most things in life, bounds appear to spoil the fun, I mean can you imagine the seppuku moment as soon as the shop sign depicts something like Albatross Airlines, Cockroach Larder, Moths’ Dry Cleaners or Poodle Noodles (yes that's poor and beyond, I grant thee)!

Mouse & de Lotz cheeky-fies! The name teases and compels, it’s an alnico! Like the nearby Dalston Superstore, Abney Park and Super Halal Chicken, they all scream be there or be square! MdL is indeed based in Hackney, a borough blessed and fraught with indie caffs serving Square Mile Coffee. Why can’t we get a decent Flat White in Acton, Finchley or Sutton instead? This is because all the impossibly beautiful and articulate young things (yes they include the liberally moderated, arts-orientated, Grauniad readers and think that Cameron is a pseudonym for all things cancerous) prefer to reside or loiter around in Hackney. However MdL bodes well with yours truly, he who digests the Telegraph for breakfast, a framed portrait of a certain W. Jefferson Hague in his bog and resident of W2. Mouse & de Lotz is a beautiful and cosy new addition to your must-visit list.

MdL has been vaguely reviewed by Time Out, but I missed it and I daresay so did most of you. The caff is named after the two young and beautiful (hold your horses and behave please) ladies, Nadya Mousawi and Victoria de Lotz; they run and own the place. And I might as well refer them as Coffee Goddesses, the Flat Whites here are stunning!

There’s a lot of wood here...

... and apart from the counter, the place is virtually devoid of MDF. The pieces of furniture were sought from a pre-Ikea hegemony.

Love the various Victorian postcards on the wall with added 21st century cheerful impertinence.

''Better a mouse in the pot than no meat at all"- Romanian proverb.

Overall warmth exudes therewith.

The menu that confuses no one, straightforward Bob’s your uncle. Oh, the chorizo pie...

Reiterative reminder- the excellent flattie.

Cheese on toast, with mustard, Worcestershire sauce and homemade chutney. Excellent restorative fodder after a heady night.

Salt beef on sourdough rye (toasted if I may), mustard, salad and foetal gherkins (cornichons to the snobs). Not the usual carved warmed variety but room temperature slices, but deliciousness prevails nonetheless.

Toasted teacakes. A butter mountain is essential here, go for it you know it makes sense!

In addition MdL occasionally holds a supper club during the evenings and the first one they hosted was less than 25 quid a head. I’ve been informed they’re licensed to sell booze, so curtail any BYO aspirations you might have. Do check out their FB site for more details.

MdL is one place that doesn’t take the mickey. I love it and I’m sure you will likewise. Highly recommended.

This wasn’t an invite to review, I paid me own way (two occasions to be precise), as their cash register is one of those that doesn’t print receipts.

103 Shacklewell Lane
London E8 2EB



Mr Noodles said...

Toasted teacakes in London! We need to see more of this. The north will prevail. Well perhaps not.

bellaphon said...

Noods- never tried tea loaves in Harrogate but avoid scones in Harrow, they’re abysmal!

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Thank you , Thank you ... what a review! Mouse & de Lotz are very flattered. You may have paid for your last coffee but your next one is on the house... if you reveal your identity!

bellaphon said...

AnonyMouse- you’re welcome and thank you for the offer. I’m easy to spot, I carry more excess baggage than most.

I heart cupcakes said...

Oh thanks for the review, looks like a fabulous little find.
If you're up Hackney way again (and I know you will be) check out Violet for cakes and goodies - coffee was ok, maybe not to your high standards though, but cakes superb!

bellaphon said...

IHC- lovely to hear from you again. Yes I’ve been informed about the grail that’s Violet. Do you know I haven’t had a single cupcake for nearly a year but Violet seems like an opportunity to rekindle my taste buds. Thank you as always.

steve said...

looks good. this is another of your reviews that i shall have to check out.


bellaphon said...

Steve- thank you. You should have a good time there :)

Hanna @ Swedish Meatball said...

Sounds good - the flat whites do look amazing! One to check out for sure.