Wednesday, 7 April 2010


Whatever ambitions I might have for mastering the art of coffee cupping are unfortunately still put on hold, as my sense of smell remains iffy. Came here because of three reasons; a lady I met at Climpson & Sons told me about it a few months ago, peered furtively about it from my ever reliable flickr contact and the person who's contributing to the rest of this post. Been here twice and I'm convinced (fingers crossed) that Wilton's have somehow provided yours truly with fantastic C8H10N4O2 healing. The flat whites conferred properties of blissful caffeine exhalation, I think I may well be hooked once again. I'm recommending this place as well as ahackinhackney, so over to her-

In the backstreets of Hackney E8, its café-fication steps up a level … this is, of course, something that I am delighted by, my fondness for whiling away time in cafes has often been remarked upon, measuring out my life in, yes, yes, coffee spoons.

In a street in what is now fashionable London Fields, across which I very much doubt Martin Amis ever strod, his shortened jeans flapping away in the breeze, despite the name of his novel, hey there Mr Walk on the Wild Side, Candy Darling would like a word! (I always thought his was writing for those who don’t read… however, I digress.)

Wiltons café, on Wilton Way, is a bright, light venue tucked away in an obscure street behind the Hackney Empire that has been carefully designed to maximize space and using reclaimed materials creatively, its blank canvas walls decorated with some beautiful spare prints.

This cafe also boasts its own radio station, London Fields Radio ( which broadcasts a fascinating and diverse range of shows.

Serving good quality sandwiches, cakes, tea and coffee, (Climpson’s) and the most delicious flat whites that the esteemed Bellaphon tells me he has tasted this year, unfortunately I am no connoisseur All I can report is that my coffee was delicious. Wiltons is a lovely jewel.

Thank you Hack for the write-up.

63 Wilton Way
London, E8 1BG


Dad said...

Hey Les.

Saw this at the weekend:

and thought your review was better!!


bellaphon said...

Dad- As always, you've made my day. Thank you.

gastrogeek said...

Your dad is right. You've just reminded me of Nicola 6 and Keith Darts innit.

bellaphon said...

GG- Thank you but ?