Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Midnight Steak Out

One of my best nights ever was experienced here. I'm not well versed enough to put the joyous evening into words so I'll leave that to MsMartmitelover. Marms, thanks for dragging us along, I'm a blessed toad.

'A Rare Event And The Steaks Are High!'
Quote taken from MSO's Facebook page.
Irish Rib Eye shown)

Edamame served with G&T

Statuesque and achingly beautiful.
This is goddess-like Amanda, our host and the cook.
Boys, only in your dreams!

Gratin Dauphinois

The idea was to serve and eat the potatoes and veg first. Amanda being such a purist, wanted the steaks to be savoured on their own. Hear, hear.
The gratin was terrific, the girl obviously knows more than a thing or two when it comes to tasting and seasoning. I don’t normally care much for secondary dishes like potatoes but this was massively memorable.

The labour of love begins with a touch of glamour.

MsMarmite's perfectly marinaded tuna alternative.
Expertly cooked and it tasted heavenly.

This was what I came here for.

Medium as requested.
The best homecooked piece of cow I've had.

Dessert of almond cakes resting...

...and finally served with raspberry sauce and cream plus fags.

Just past midnight, there's always someone among the guests who can provide a bit of entertainment.

He was a very good piano player too.

In addition to acknowledging the wonderful host, I would also like to thank Tracks, the front of house. I was gobsmacked by her efficiency and coolness. It was also a pleasure to revel in the company of the other guests, especially the gorgeous June (I hope I got your name right!). I’m not entirely sure if Amanda intends to have the Midnight Steak Out as an ongoing thing, if she perseveres then this leaves you no option. You need to go. Highly recommended.

A suggested donation of £25.00 was advised. This amount is way too cheap for the level of ingredients and proficiency observed, ought to be at the very least another tenner more.

Midnight Steakout

midnightsteakout dot gmail.com


Hollow Legs said...

So what was it that was so special about the evening?

Monkey Gland said...

I just fell in love...