Sunday, 16 November 2008

Noodle Oodle (previously known as Inn Noodle)

Now permanently closed down by the authorities.

The blessing of the new restaurant by way of the traditional Chinese Lion Dance.

Takeaway dinner of slippery egg 'la mian' noodles with crab meat at £6.90.

MSG withstanding, it was very good indeed. With a copious amount of crabmeat and lovely fresh pulled noodles. Love or hate it, this place is an important must visit!

Oh look it's that time of the year. Cooperation Tax, VAT, Dumpling Tax, etc.
Let's rebrand and settle for another stupid name.


Inspite of everything and my thick skin, I still come here

Portuguese Man O' War Jelly Fish
It's the marinade that counts, rather good it was too
Whitebait fried rice
Excellent and unusually generous
Roast meat platter
Crab Meat Noodle
MSG heaven

Chicken in Shaoshing wine
Tough old battery bird used for this dish
Stewed beef in clayport was crap
Xiao long bao- lacking refinement and very average
You want the current best, come here instead
Poor and overpriced dinner


This place is pretty much hit and miss. Why does complacency so often
rule the roost whenever a slight hint of merit is bestowed on Chinese restaurants?

It was my undying pursuit for the finest Xiaolongbao(s) in the capital that led me to this place. Naff name in an equally naff location. Oxford Street (how on earth did it end up being green on the Monopoly board when its worth is only orangey) at the best of times is horrible and constantly plagued with lost tourists and pickpockets. Inn Noodle is located in the U-bend of the said street, it’s the home of stores and shops where dignity doesn’t really matter anymore.

This place has always been busy, its confidence in drawing diners in comes from the open kitchen (where the noodles are made and drawn) at the entrance and the large amount of Chinese diners filling the place up.

My fried pork chop lamian- good quality noodles, but otherwise the whole dish tasted bland and unexciting.

OK, this is what I came in for.

Ohh...xiaolongbao, this is good; so very good. KC and his Mum said these are the best in London, they should know as they're restaurateurs themselves. I haven't been to Leong's Legends*, so Inn Noodle currently defines the art of Xiǎolóngbāo in London.

Damn the service charge. I need to come back here for the dumplings alone. Yum.

*Well I have now.

Noodle Oodle,
25 Oxford Street,



Nilmandra said...

That is amazingly cheap for London!

bellaphon said...

Cheaper still at Leong's ;)