Monday, 31 August 2009

The Notting Hill Carnival 2009

I'm a dutiful sod I'm.
Don't mind if I share some pics with you lot.

I love women and food but I'm not keen on them Babylonians

Batala, Grupo de Percussao.
The best act. Year in and year out.

Yes that's the man himself.
Looking somewhat pensive.

My lunch of Jerk Chicken and Rice n Peas.
Chicken was undercooked as it's always the case at the carnival.

Betcha the road sweepers are earning triple tonight!

Private residential loos for hire.
£1.00 for a slash and £3.00 for a dump.
(I made that up)

Certain things aside, she is extremely pretty...

...and her...

...and of course her.

The anorak in me couldn't resist these noise machines.

Till next year.

There are quite a few more carnival shots on my Flickr photostream here. But beware as it has an extremely short shelf life due to the freebie account.


Paul said...

Love the fotos Les, I was there too and you have nicely captured the spirit of the day. Must admit I took my own snacks as I don't trust the chicken either.

theundergroundrestaurant said...

Gorgeous reportage Les!

bellaphon said...

Paul- Thank you. I was just thinking if I'd stopped piling on the pounds then I might be able to indulge myself with a couple of Bell & Ross'.

Marms- 'tis the camera and not me. Thank you anyhow.