Tuesday, 20 September 2011

How was your Sunday?

Prepped myself with a tipple of Navarra and a rather large spicy lamb roll from the Ginger Pig in Marylebone. (As for the latter, avoid, ‘twas a case of doing away with excess meat before due disposal’, stick to their excellent pork sausage rolls instead).

Headed eastwards towards the City.

Not the kind of the dish that broadcasts live matches of my beloved Arsenal but Anish Kapoor’s Sky Mirror.

The reflection of the Lloyd's building…

…but done better by the architects of the Willis Building. Eat your heart out Mr Kapoor!

Pompidou Centre effects courtesy of Baron Rogers of Riverside.

Leadenhall Market
(Pizza Express WTF?)

Quaint vents.

The imminent and second home of the fabulously wealthy Qataris that’s Shard London Bridge.

Peloton re Tour of Britain.

The Monument.

The imposing aquarium that dominates the reception area of the Heron Tower.

And also attached within, The Drift- a place to booze and pile on the lbs.

‘Tis a place that offers fish and chips, pasta, and Thai green curry on its menu or every cuisine of the world except this. Perhaps a little too cringeworthy for discerning food lovers.

A glass of Susie Amy to kill off the remaining afternoon.

Did I mention that the place was littered with seashells.

Tap water nazi.

The HM Revenue & Customs’ biggest nightmare!
But welcome to Café East anyway.

Bánh cuốn

A massive portion with lovely steamed slices of chả lụa. Good bánh cuốn should always be thin and delicate but here they were made too thick and ended up as a poor version of the Cantonese cheung fun.

Chả chiên- fried Vietnamese sausage.
A dish that’s nearly impossible to fluff up. Excellent.


Garnishes for the above.
Once again Café East don’t cut corners when it comes to dishing out generous portion.

Phở tai-
with rare slices of beef.

Although the soup was not as intense as I would've liked but it was still pretty good. Dinner came to 15 quid per person. Long may Café East thrive!

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