Friday, 16 October 2009

I’ve lost my sense of smell…

…and taking a long holiday off doesn’t help much either with keeping this blog updated. Just as the blog is coming to its first anniversary I think it’s worth crediting the people on why I started to pursue the pastime in the first place. So it’s with thanks to Niamh and Su-Lin and their blogs that pushed the button in the first place as well as Auntie and Krista with theirs (according to my doctrines these four are one of the pioneering London food bloggers). Food blogging during the past year has been rewarding; my acquired friendships with both MsMarmitelover and Thora (I’ve yet to meet you!) are invaluable and it was additionally bestowing to have met Lady Gray, Michelle at Lavender Bakery, LMR, Mark, Kake and Laura at RGL, Lizzie, Chris, Kang and others I’ve failed to mention by name.

The advent of new and incredibly well written food blogs is immensely welcoming as well dampening my desire to continue with mine. My current and hopefully undying read-list of foodie blogs includes the following-

Tamarind and Thyme
Meemalee’s Kitchen
The English can cook
Scrambling Eggs
Food. By Mark
Dos Hermanos
Bitching in the Kitchen
PigPig’s Corner
Family Styles

Blogrolls are ever so potentially contentious but let’s be honest there are only so many blogs that one can read with intent. Apologies to those that have been omitted (and subsequently being de-listed from the respective blogrolls is understandable).

If and when I regain my composure I’ll undoubtedly resume this blog but in the meantime I shall carry on with my other one that’s the Pissing Prawn. Thanks for reading and see you anon.


Anonymous said...

End of an era?

Thanks for a wonderful blog. This is by far my favourite food blog and I have discovered many great places and fine meals due to your recommendations.

Enjoy your blog break, and the flat whites, and I hope the blogging itch returns soon!

Su-Lin said...

Oh no...come back! (though I am definitely enjoying your posts on the other blog!)

Thank you for the much too kind words. Hey, we've got to do that dinner one day!

Krista said...

Thanks for the kind words! It is scary sometimes to think I've been eating and writing about it for more than 5 years. Crazy!

But please don't stop. Because you know--I feel like we have this weird psychic connection. Because all too often, you will end up at a place I've just been to or am just about to go to. It's weird!

Hollow Legs said...

I find myself asking what the point of a post like this is.

Lisa said...

Are you ill? Off your food??

Thank you for mentioning my blog which pales into insignificance compared to yours, and I have been very slack recently! Thanks also for all you brilliant recommendations for places to eat in London. If it wasn't for you, I wouldn't be going to Iberica next week.

Will be visiting your other blog until you get your sense of smell back.

Come back SOON! :)

Kake said...

Aw. I hope you regain your composure soon. I do still have a list of places suggested by you to try, but past posts won't keep me going forever!

RabC said...

I thoroughly enjoy reading this blog, well written and plenty of good dining ideas. Hope to see it resume soon.

bellaphon said...

Anon- I hope not and I can't thank you enough for your kind comments.

Su-Lin- Yes, dinner as soon as I get the olfaction sorted. Thanks for dropping by.

Krista- Our paths will cross sooner rather than later. Relish the chance to meet you ;)

Lizzie oh Lizzie, how impossibly young you are...

Lili- Lovely to hear from you. Technically speaking I'm a smoker, so by that account alone I'm therefore ill. Keep your blog up otherwise I wouldn't be keeping my eyes peeled for it.

Kake- Thank you and I hope you know that I'll always find time for you.

RabC- Comments like yours can only make me more determined to rise as a better blogger. Thank you.

theundergroundrestaurant said...

Silly! stop it!!!!

I didn't even know about your other blog...

gastrogeek said...

Please come back! You are sorely missed...

thora said...

You will be missed. Take a break. We will meet.

Food.By Mark. said...

Even I am back from blog death... look forward to reading your next Bellaphon or Pissing Prawn write up whichever it may be in any case.

Kang said...

Bellaphon - You will indeed be sorely missed in your temporary sabbath from the internet, yours is one of the most interesting and honest foodblogs around. You have such a great appetite it must be applauded. I know I often consult your blog when I am looking for something new to eat.

All the best with your current endeavors, I am looking forward to your comeback, and also to bumping into you again in some london restaurant in the near future :)

Unknown said...


I've always been impressed by how frequently you've managed to blog thoughtful in-depth posts. Seriously! I find myself struggling even on days when I'm just sitting around my flat doing nothing much.

Let me know if you'd like to meet up again now that you're back.

Have a good break!

Sue said...

Dear Bellaphon,

There are many food blogs in cyberspace, but yours is truly exceptional. Always entertaining, STUNNING photography and very detailed (I like the fact you always post the receipt).

I enjoy the Pissing Prawns blog too (my family is from Malaysia as well funnily enough), but I do hope your appetite returns in gusto and we can share your culinary adventures once again.

Take care, Sue

bellaphon said...

MsMarmite♥- For the time being you’ll need to seek a new dining companion, as I’m not mentally geared-up to enjoy goat’s cheese for the wrong reasons! You’ve got three blogs so I followed suit.

Rejina- I’m touched, thank you.

Mark- I was patient enough to hang around for your resurgence now it’s your turn. Thanks for following both blogs, I’m well indebted.

Kang- Hey, thanks for stopping and fuelling all the kind comments. It was great meeting you and I look forward to seeing you again.

Dear Dear LMR- Give me a glass of water and I can probably pen ten thousand words about it; the amount of spare time I have outside work is unhealthy. Would love to meet up again, I shall prey on you soon.

Sue- Gulp…your comments simply rekindle the need to carry on, thanks very much. The receipt feature is the reason why I don’t get invites to review (not a sausage!). The slapdash prose doesn’t do any favours for the PR dorks either. I’m also grateful that the prawn blog appealed to a fellow Malaysian (or near enough), cheers.

bellaphon said...

Thora- I missed your comment instead! Sorry. Yes, we shall indeed. Thanks.

Niamh said...

Oh, this is sad! :( I didn't know about your other blog, will check that out now.

Thanks for the kind words. I am slightly saddened not to be on your current reading list though :( However, I do understand that it's impossible to read everyone.

Hope you feel up to food blogging again soon!

Sue said...

Slapdash prose= lack of pretentiousness (a crime committed by NUMEROUS food blogs in cyberspace).

Receipt= integrity.
We eagerly await your return!!!!

meemalee said...

Les, I love Pissing Prawn, but I think I love Bellaphon more so you better regain your composure quick smart!

And thank you for having me on your now-visible blog roll - I am honoured :)

meemalee xxx

Dad said...

Mr Les.

Not being the writer of a foodie blog, I didn't feel all that entitled to leave a comment this time around, but as Meemalee's comment echoed my own thoughts, I reckon I can get away with my throwing in my own tuppence worth.

Pissing Prawn is great.

Bellaphon, however, is (was) terrific.

Your Bellaphon Flickr is what got me hooked man, get your ass back here!!!!


For what it's worth, your writing, pictures and coffee descriptions (for a caffeine sensitive tart like myself), were inspiring.

Come back soon.

Oh, by the way, I have just confirmed my reservation at the Harwood Arms. Purely on your recommendation, you understand.

Until the next time, pip pip ....

theundergroundrestaurant said...

Les, you can't do this to me, I have abandonment issues.

Mei said...

Thanks for your kind words, Bellaphon! I've enjoyed clicking around your blog as well! Hope to meet in person some time...

Mei from FamilyStyles

bellaphon said...

Niamh- I'm happy that you stopped by, thank you. Your blog is immense, it doesn't need my humble list to suggest otherwise.

Sue- I don't have a great deal of friends, you certainly sound like one. Thanks.

meemalee- you deserved it!

Dad- A man I can rely on with all the positive comments, I thank you thee. In addition I would also like to apologise to you and Mrs Dad for my past post elsewhere that has since been rectified (Sadeq Saba on his A Taste of Iran stated the issue more eloquently than my loose cannon approach). And yes indeed, until the next pip...

Marm- Did you manage to get hold of some wands for your Potter night, if so could you perhaps cast a alohomora spell to unblock my nasal cavity.

Mei- You're more than welcome and thanks. We shall.

Helen @ World Foodie Guide said...

Why am I called Auntie? Because of my age?! I think taking a (shortish) break is good for you. I know you've been on holiday, so take some time out to rest and come back refreshed! We'll be waiting for you...

bellaphon said...

Oh Helen, age has nowt to do with anything and I don't even know yours! Your blog is didactic and like the beeb; you know best! If age does indeed have any significance then I'm by all accounts, everybody's crusty old Oncle Hulot. Thanks for the encouragement.

Lisa said...

I keep checking in each day to see if there might be a new post... :(

Am feeling quite emotional reading these comments.

Get well and get writing soon! ;)

p.s. loved Dehesa.

Sue said...

Dear Bellaphon,

You are so humble! I feel privileged to be considered your friend. I didn't realise you were ill, I thought you were simply abandoning this blog completely. And your fans! I wish you a peaceful recovery and will keep an eye on this blog in anticipation of your return.

Be well & God speed! Sue

story said...

I love reading you blog and hopefully there is more to come. Many of the cafes you've included are great.

As a Swede in London, I really miss the cafe culture we have back home but have to say things are catching up. I noticed you haven't included any Clapton cafes.
Next time you are near Broadway Market, you should go further east. On Chatsworth Road there are two great ones. Venetia's Coffee shop and L'epicerie. Even though I think the later is more of a deli. Not easy to find if you are not a local but great gems.

bellaphon said...

Lili- aw, thanks. I'll resume this blog as sson as I can taste the garlic in the aioli at Dehesa!

Sue- I'm in danger of giving the readers an impression that I'm suffering from the blogger's version of Munchausen by proxy syndrome! I'm not entirely incapacitated but I do need to sort my taste buds out before I'm able to continue with the rants. It's also quite surreal to have my meals now without having the incessant camera antics!

Story- Well hello and thank you for reading the blog. London has indeed moved on and created a little coffee culture of its own. But unfortunately these cafes are still frequented by expats like yourselves, we have a long way to go if we're to convince the Brits that there are alternatives to the usual builder's cup, lager or Red Bull! Thanks for the heads up in Clapton, I shall investigate in good time.

Mr Noodles said...

I hope you're back soon but in the meantime I'm enjoying Pissing Prawn. Without getting all "Oscar speech", in turn your blog was one of those that inspired me to get off my arse.

Although I'm off the soup noodle trail for a while, I will be blogging for the rest of the year and I hope you'll continue to drop by.

bellaphon said...

Mr Noodles- 谢谢

Douglas Blyde said...

Easy to get disheartened - don't, though! I do feel sore at blog-roll absenteeism, however!

bellaphon said...

Douglas, what a surprise! 48 hours ago I managed to identify a glass of Bonnes Mares by sniffing and your comment turned up, thank you. Alas my hapless nose (sound for wines but little else) failed miserably with the dinner I had tonight at Needoos! Until I sort this impairment out then I’m able to continue with the food blogging.

Lisa said...

Just been to Iberica (thanks to your blog) and was convinced one of the guys in the corner taking photos of the food was you! They turned out to be Food by Mark and the London Eater. Great to meet them, even if I did probably embarrass myself asking if they were you... ;) Hope to bump into you one day too!

Food.By Mark. said...

Hello Lili, nice to meet you by the way. :) Mark

Wild Boar said...

This is very late, but thanks for mentioning PPC on the blogroll.

Sounds sacriligeous to a Malaysian foodie I know, but there ARE more important things in life than food :-D See you back on your foodie blog soon hopefully.

meemalee said...

Come back Les - we miss you. Can't even pester you on Twitter!

meems xxx

eatmynels said...


meemalee said...

Merry Christmas Les - and once again - WE MISS YOU!

meemalee xxx