Saturday, 18 April 2009

Cabbages & Frocks

I would love to say that my shop is in Marylebone, but it's not as it's technically in the Portman Village instead. But nobody knows where or what the Portman Village is, I just tell them it's near the busiest KFC in Britain or just plain Marble Arch. The folks residing or loitering in Marylebone Village are a lucky bunch, they're always a notch above their neighbours- true they might not have a KFC but they do have their famed Farmers' Market and the ever so quaint Cabbages & Frocks market. I came here for some cupcakes* but ended up having an accidental lunch.

Despite the close proximity to Mme T, this place was thankfully bereft of tourists.
The market is located within the parish grounds of St. Marylebone Church
The uniformity of the mini marquees sheltering each stall provides a picturesque discipline.
There was a long queue at an organic burger stall (the name escapes me) so I came here instead. Dapur Melayu sells Malay street food- to be honest most of their stuff have sold out by the time I got there.
Lemak with Sambal Terong- coconut rice with aubergine sambal. Rice tasted coconut-ty enough but unfortunately overcooked by sitting in the food warmer for hours. The sambal however was brilliant- no well-tempering here, judiciously spicy and take no prisoners. £2.50 for the above.
Excellent veggie curry puff but overpriced at £1 each.
Good value puffs are found here.
Cuddle me happy. Talk about fate and why you bleedin' never. Cwtch!
Yup, Jared and his Citroen H is a Saturday fixture here.
Someone is obviously shining a bit of light on me!
Another Square Mile advocate, triple shot Flat White. £2 and a bit. A lovely Saturday afternoon assured.
Tarts of Temptation
Just checking I got me cakes. £4 for the two.
The Lemon slice was ok-ish but a tad hard, a typical symptom of cakes and bakes being exposed to the air for too long a time. The coffee slice was astoundingly yummy- rich, flavourful and nearly world class.

*I only came today because Helen had mentioned Peggy's Cupcakes. True to form or was it just my luck, they weren't there.

NB I pronounce Marylebone as Marr-le-bone as opposed to Merror-le-bone, for the simple reason that I'm nigh on aloof.


Hollow Legs said...

Lovely post. I've never heard anyone call it Merror-le-bone! Marly-bone for me too.

Anonymous said...

more cuppie cake talk? is this to become an obsession? :D

I just thought, I think I call it Marry-le-bone...hmmm, does that mean I'm fiddy-percent aloof?

Went to Cattle Grid on Friday, as a group of 8, everyone was very happy, we had no complaints, our food all came together, everyone's was cooked to their liking (the only thing was that we were left a pad of paper by the waitress and asked to write our own orders down!!!) oh and one of the girls ordered a glass of rose and it turned up in a massive glass (should have gone for wine by the glass!!!) - we'd go back, it's nothing special, but for the money it is brilliant! good alternative if bodeans is full!

bellaphon said...

CB- My daughter reckons an old fart like me shouldn't muse too much about cupcakes, otherwise I'll become a fairy!

If you choose to pronounce Marylebone that way then you're a peasant!

I'll take Cattle Grid anyday over Bodean's!