Sunday, 22 March 2009

Two Coffee Joints

Strolling around Farringdon this morning, I was in serious need for a caffeine hit. Only these two were opened.

Abibail's Kitchen is a greasy spoon caff and it was packed with builders when I appeared. I noticed that everyone opted for fryups which were pretty huge and impressive. I ordered a cappuccino. I waited...and waited. Quarter of hour later, fook it, I went next door to...

...$tarbuck$ instead. Bloodfire, the last time I visited a $B was at least 5 years ago!

I ordered ethically and went for a Fairtrade Colombian Blend. It was also filtered. I mean how can anyone fluff that up?

Well indeed, the cup tasted bloody awful. It tasted as if it had been stewed for ages. Tears in my eyes, how woeful. I must say the service was ever so friendly, maybe because it was only just me and a table of young Germans discussing matters that might well have a Lutheran angle.

£1.70 for the cup of dark liquid.

For both-

Cowcross Street


Hollow Legs said...

Your blog looks like it's turning into a coffee shop blog...!

bellaphon said...

Ha! It could be worse, I was thinking of carrot cakes next...!

Unknown said...

I miss cups of milky Nescafé

bellaphon said...

Be gone with you, coffee peasant!